Why you need an esthetician

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Why do you need an esthetician? The hottest, slickest, newest skincare products are all over the internet promising you glowing skin. Shouting: “Line-free! Blemish-free! Smooth as a face filter!” Pictures of Photoshopped models play upon your deepest doubts and your greatest desires. And they lie to you.

Although some products can be game changers, the unfortunate truth is that most do little to nothing for your skin. You’ll likely stumble around the 128 billion dollar marketplace, trying product after product, finding nothing but disappointment. Information and misinformation are everywhere, and the 2.2 billion dollars spent on skincare advertising say they’re coming for your money.

As a woman, you can expect to spend a quarter of a million dollars on beauty products during your lifetime. Let that sink in for a second. Because most of what you buy will not work. So how can you possibly filter through the hype?

Imagine having a trained beauty connoisseur to guide you. A beauty obsessive. An artist of the flesh. Someone who knows your skin better than you ever could.

But who is this magical being? And where do you find her?

She’s close, babe.

You can find her at your neighborhood day spa, beauty lounge, beauty bar, or salon. She’s called an esthetician. And she’s about to become one of your greatest allies.

“Bah!” You exclaim. “How can one person make such a big difference? And aren’t facials expensive?!”

I know, I get it. I’ve heard it all. And as a bonafide skincare junkie with a skincare past that would terrify my children, I was shocked to have my life changed by one. Now, as an esthetician myself, I’ve helped many women who thought their skin was beyond repair get glowing, luminous skin.

So what does an esthetician do, exactly?

First, an esthetician is OBSESSED with skin. She probably had some skin problems herself and solved them using the same methods she’s about to employ on your face. She’s been to school and knows anatomy and physiology. She’s an expert in skin conditions and their treatments. And she’s made it her professional and personal goal to create beauty. After all, “esthetician” comes from the word “aesthetic,” a word that has multiple connotations, but always includes the perception of beauty.

Your esthetician sees what you can’t. She knows what healthy skin is supposed to look like. She examines your skin using professional lights and magnification which allows her to see conditions like sun damage, dehydration, and milia before you do. And she knows how to get rid of them.

Her powers don’t stop there. She has an apothecary of professional peels, masks, cleansers, toners, and serums at her fingertips. Professional products are much stronger than commercial products, and because of this, you need to buy them from a licensed esthetician. This means that you don’t have to waste your money buying products that don’t work. She’s done the research for you, and her recommended skincare regimen will address all your concerns.

Finally, your esthetician can offer you powerful treatments such as facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and dermablading. You can’t get these skin-transforming treatments at home. Sure, you can give yourself a facial, but your esthetician gives you a facial and massage with professional products. She provides a sanctuary and uninterrupted time. It brings her joy to help you relax.

Book an appointment today and let her help you put your best face forward.




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