The Acne Struggle

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While I was fortunate enough to survive my teenage years with only the occasional pimple, my twenties were a different story.

Granted my lifestyle in these years was pretty careless, but nonetheless, very entertaining. I had a non-committal relationship with countless products, drank alcohol on a consistent basis, rarely got a full night’s rest, slept with my makeup on, ate a tragic diet, and made countless other bad decisions regarding my skin health. I had no idea what I needed to do to in order better the very embarrassing and debilitating situation that was my face.
I did what I could with products from the drugstore and from infomercials that celebrities swore by. I even sought out help from a dermatologist. All results were temporary or non-effective. Instead of identifying the problem or helping me understand what I was or wasn’t doing, I was just sent home with a prescription. When that medication didn’t work, I was given another that somewhat worked or another that reeked havoc on my skin. What a waste of time and money.
Acne cannot be treated overnight. There is no magic cream or pill that will treat acne. If you really want to handle your breakouts, a serious commitment has to be made. Routine, time, persistence, and patience will get you through it. Trust me, healthy skin is worth it.
There are many contributing factors to what causes acne. The most basic explanation is this; acne occurs when hair follicles (which are part of our pores) become clogged with dead skin cells, oil, and then bacteria. The bacteria causes inflammation, and viola, a culprit on your face shows up. Treatments are done on a case-by-case basis. Is your skin oily or dry? Is aging skin a concern of yours? Between the causes, contributors, myths, products, treatments, etc., etc., where does one even begin?
This is where a licensed esthetician comes in. We are professionals who can help guide you through this insanely confusing process. Estheticians take an investigative approach to treating acne and other skin conditions. With a licensed esthetician, you will discuss which skin care products will work best for your unique skin as well as professional treatments such as exfoliating facials and chemical peels.
Trust me, healthy skin is possible. It takes work but it’s more than worth it. In the end you will be so happy you took the time and effort. It doesn’t have to be a struggle anymore. Contact us today or visit for more great information regarding skin care or to make an appointment.

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