Eyelash Extension FAQ

Why On My Face Please For Eyelash Extensions?

OMFP uses high-quality products from reputable lash suppliers. Cristien has had extensive training with Borboleta Beauty, Sugar Lash, and Chic Sin City. She focuses on lashing 90% or more of your natural lashes during each appointment. Cristien does not believe in counting lashes and applies what is needed to create a beautiful, artistic set.

Part scientist, part artist, Cristien uses medical grade equipment, surgical magnifying loupes, and broad-spectrum lighting to provide optimal visuals of your eyelash extension application. Her goal is to give you the best eyelash extensions in Chicago! Cristien guarantees her work, so if you’re unhappy for any reason, contact the lounge within three days of your appointment, and any issues will be fixed.

What products are used?

OMFP carries lashes from Borboleta Beauty and Lash Affair. These faux mink lash extensions are made of synthetic yarn fibers, making them very soft and light. They are a deep matte black and never lose their curl. Different curls, lengths, thicknesses, and colors are available to give each client a unique set.

Since Chicago has such varying weather, choice adhesives from reputable eyelash extension suppliers are used depending on the time of year and humidity levels. All adhesives are formaldehyde and latex free.

What’s The Difference Between The Types of Eyelash Extensions You Offer?

There are two techniques in lashing, classic and volume. Volume is also referred to as Russian Volume or 2D-6D lashes and is a technique in which handmade, customized fans are created using 2-6 delicate lashes and then applied to each lash. Volume lashes are either lighter or the same weight as one classic eyelash extension.

How Much Will Eyelash Extensions Cost?

The cost of quality eyelash extensions from a trained professional can leave you asking: “Are eyelash extensions worth it?!” Well, we like to think that you can’t put a price on waking up feeling and looking your best every day, but if you’re on the fence, let these gals tell you how eyelash extensions changed their lives. Sure, it’s a luxury, but OMFP lashes are a reasonable beauty expense when you take care of your lashes and book fills every 2-3 weeks.

How Often Will I Need to Get My Lashes Filled?

Every eyelash fill is like a new full set of lashes. At OMFP, most of your old extensions are removed during each fill. It’s more time-consuming, but you walk out of the door with a fresh, new set of lashes. To extend the life of your lashes we recommend getting fills every 2-3 weeks but it all depends on how your lashes grow. Clients with less than 40% of lashes will be charged for a full set.

What is the difference between a fill, an extended fill, and a mini fill?

A fill is for regular maintenance of your eyelash extensions. Each eye naturally sheds 2-5 lashes per eye each day and when that new lash grows in a new one needs to be applied.

An extended fill is intended for those who have shed more than usual and need a little more time added to their service so that they walk out of the door with a completely full set of lashes.

Mini fills are a timed service and intended for touch-ups.

Will eyelash extensions ruin my natural lashes?

No, this is a common misconception. As long as lash extensions are applied properly, they will not damage your natural lashes or cause premature shedding. At OMFP our focus is to maintain the integrity of the natural lash. To do this, we choose the appropriate length and thickness for each natural lash.

What if I Currently Have Eyelash Extensions From Another Salon?

At OMFP, we’re happy to work on top of lash extensions done in another salon, as long as the extensions were properly applied and aren’t damaging your natural lashes. We always do what’s best for your natural lashes because going lashless is so middle-ages! Please book an extended fill because we need ample time to work with your current set; if we don’t need the extra time, your service will be reduced to a regular fill.

What is a lash lift?

Lash lifting is a technique where a certified lash artist uses a curling agent and conditioning solution to lift your natural lashes making them look longer and fuller. All OMFP lash lifts include a complimentary lash tint to darken the lashes and enhance the lash line. Lash lifts are a great alternative to lash extensions. They’re perfect for those with sensitive eyes and require less maintenance. Results can last up to six weeks.