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  1. Why you need an esthetician

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    Why do you need an esthetician? The hottest, slickest, newest skincare products are all over the internet promising you glowing skin. Shouting: “Line-free! Blemish-free! Smooth as a face filter!” Pictures of Photoshopped models play upon your deepest doubts and your greatest desires. And they lie to you.

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  2. Professional Versus Consumer Skin Care Products

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    What exactly is the difference between Consumer and Professional Skin care products?  According to the FDA’s definition, both consumer products and what we typically refer to as professional products fall under the same category. So, what differentiates a consumer product from a professional product? The answer lies in the question. Continue Reading

  3. Your charcoal mask did what?!

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    Let’s talk about Charcoal Peel-Off Mask kits. Most people have seen those popular black face masks that are all over Facebook and Instagram by now. I’ve even seen some of you using them! If you’re not familiar, here’s a ridiculous video of a woman putting herself through agony ripping one off to get you acquainted. Don’t blame me if you go down the rabbit hole and watch ten of these videos, they are hilarious!

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