We’re obsessed with Truth Treatments Systems™! These formulas are incredible and once you get them on your face, we promise you’ll be a believer.
Creator Benjamin Fuchs is a registered pharmacist, nutritionist, and skin care chemist, and has spent the past 32 years developing pharmacy-potent skin health products for estheticians, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons.

Truth Treatments are made with 100 percent active, functional ingredients, and don’t contain fillers, preservatives, waxes, emulsifiers, oils, or fragrances. These magical treatments leverage the latest biochemical understandings to activate fibroblasts, normalize keratinocytes, stimulate proteins, and enhance the production of extracellular lipids. What that means in beauty terms is that they turn back the clock and heal your skin at a cellular level, creating external beauty from the inside out.

Cristien has experienced unbelievable results with Truth Treatments. Over the past 6 months, all her fine lines and wrinkles have disappeared, and her skin is hydrated, plump, and bright. She was even able to give up a certain injectable that she had been using religiously for the past 5 years!
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