On My Face Please Beauty Lounge is grounded in the personal mission of owner Cristien Ranney to “do better.” An artist by nature with a medical background in nursing and phlebotomy, she became passionate about skin care when she developed adult acne in her late 20s. She tried everything that promised clear skin, from products sold on infomercials to prescriptions her dermatologist recommended, but they did nothing for her skin. It wasn’t until she started getting regular facials and using the products her esthetician recommended that she saw results.

Cristien was so enamored with the change that she decided to get an esthetician’s license, so she could understand why she’d seen such a dramatic shift. As she studied, she grew dedicated to the craft of luminous skin.
When she graduated, she had a vision of creating a pristine space where people could relax and enjoy beautiful treatments that would help them transform their skin and their lives. Cristien’s first skincare adventure, Celeste Skin Spa, opened in 2015 and was housed in a small office space. It was a sweet, nurturing place, but it wasn’t big enough for her vision, and in 2018, On My Face Please Beauty Lounge was born.


At OMFP Beauty Lounge, you’ll be treated like the gorgeous individual that you are. Inspired by the developing science of skincare, Cristien continues to do advanced research and applies cutting-edge technologies in her skincare programs. She is committed to continuing education and takes at least two lash extension courses and two skincare courses each year. Cristien customizes each service because she believes that every skin-type and set of eyes are unique. She’ll help you develop a great relationship with your skin by listening to your concerns, educating you about skincare, and taking time to build connection and rapport. Her goal is always to see you leave with healthy, radiant skin, beautiful lashes, and a smile on your face.